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Plastic Fence Feet Blocks

Kelvindale Products is the only manufacturer of the legally patented \"Single Plastic Concrete Filled Temporary Fence Feet Block\" in Australia. Currently supplying 2 different styles in the single plastic fence feet category and 1 style of double plastic fence feet.

You will find the market flooded with cheap imported plastic fence feet that do not last long and sometimes crumble while you are pouring concrete into them. Our plastic fence feet blocks are injection molded in Australia and adhere to stringent Australian standards. We have been made aware that some Australian suppliers are illegally selling Plastic Fence Feet Blocks in contravention of our patent 2002301692. Save your business form unnecessary hassle and go for the best quality Plastic Fence Feet Blocks.

You may be looking for Temporary Fence Feet, Plastic Temporary Fence Feet, Manufacturers of Temporary Fence Feet,

Temporary Fencing Blocks, Plastic blocks for Temporary Fencing. Look no further, contact Kelvindale for all your Temporary

Fence Feet needs. We make them in house and can deliver in much shorter time frame than most other suppliers.

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