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LPG Caps/Plugs

LPG Caps/Plugs
LPG Caps/Plugs - Type 1,2,3

LPG Caps/plugs are exclusively produced for LPG industry. With the notion to develop more safety aspects, we have considered several precise sealing aspects while designing these sealing gadgets. These LPG caps and plugs have been strictly designed as per the Code of practise 15: part 2 of LP gas Association therefore consumers can find reliable and safe sealing with no loop holes for leakage found. Every cap and plug has been marked with direction of fitting and removal to experience ease of application and safety.

Advantages of LPG Caps/plugs

  • These locking components are tested under different pressure readings.
  • Available in three types Type 1 (Plug made from HDPE and strap made from LDPE) and Type 2 (Cap made from HDPE) and Type 3 (Cape made from HDPE and strap from LDPE materials)
  • Tested with Propane (Type 1 and Type 2) 26 bar.
  • Tested with Butane (type 3) 26 bar.
  • Apart from that each product is independently tested gas-tight seal under high pressure, extreme temperate and complex external conditions
  • Each component is provided with certification of testing
Sample Part
Main Gas Type Valve Description Valve Type Service Connection Type
Unit of
(Ex. GST)
Quantity Total
467140 Various W21.8 x 1⁄14LHT A 109 2
0.00 ₨
110471 Propane P.O.L 5⁄8" BSP - LHT - 105 1
0.00 ₨
110257 Butane 21mm ‘Quick-On’ - 402 3
0.00 ₨
110256 Butane 20mm ‘Quick-On’ - 403 3
0.00 ₨

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