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Multi-Flex Caps

Multi-Flex Caps
Multi-Flex Caps

Multi-Flex caps are made from PVC material and these are destined to serve easy fitting and easy release sealing solutions. Our Multi-flex caps are compatible to seal both threaded and plain holes. It is flexible in nature and can fit different diameters.

Applications and Benefits

  • It is destined to give easy fitting and removing options.
  • It can fit over different diameters.
  • Serves for both threaded and plain surfaces.
Sample Part
To Fit Thread Size Metric To Fit Thread Size UNF To Fit Thread Size BSP d (mm) h (mm)
Unit of
(Ex. GST)
Quantity Total
MFWA-200-050 M20, M22, M24 7⁄8" 1⁄2", 5⁄8" 20.0-24.0 50
0.00 ₨
MFWA-165-040 M18 3⁄4" 3⁄8" 16.5-20.0 40
0.00 ₨
MFWA-135-030 M14, M16 9⁄16", 5⁄8" ---- 13.5-16.5 30
0.00 ₨
MFWA-110-025 M12 7⁄16", 1⁄2" 1⁄4" 11.0-13.5 25
0.00 ₨
MFWA-090-025 M10 3⁄8" 1⁄8" 9.0-11.0 25
0.00 ₨

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